Things to Do in Winter with Your Dog 

Things to Do in Winter with Your Dog 

When the snow coats the world in a white blanket everything takes on a magical appearance. The child in you comes alive and you want to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. Your furry friend probably feels the same way. Luckily, there are many things to do in the winter with your dog. 

Take a Hike

Bundle up and head out into the woods to enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Your dog will love a winter hike. You might want to put a doggy coat on Fido and maybe even a pair of canine-approved boots to make sure he is warm for your trek. 

Go Skijoring

Skijoring is a cross between standard cross-country skiing and dog sledding. Basically, you slowly cross-country ski while you have your dog attached to you via a harness and leash. Our dog’s momentum will help propel you along. As you cross country ski and your dog walks you become one and you are effectively skijoring! 

Play Fetch in the Snow

Pick a brightly colored ball and play a game of fetch with Fido. The heaviness of the ball will cause it to sink into the snow and your dog will have to try a little hunting and maybe some digging to retrieve the ball. It becomes a fun game of hide and seek! 

Catch a Snowball

Even a dog enjoys playing with snowballs. Why not play fetch with a snowball. See if Fido can catch the snowball. It will probably break apart in his powerful jaws but that’s half the fun. You’ll be amazed at how many dogs seriously love this game. Most will continue to beg you to throw the balls of snow and they will continue to catch them even if they do crumble every time!

Head to A Christmas Market Together

In much of Europe, the UK, Canada, and some places in the United States, Christmas markets are held outdoors. Why not bring Fido along? Many markets welcome dogs. You’ll be able to get out together and enjoy the festivities. You can even stop at a Christmas tree lot to pick out a wreath or a holiday tree together. 

Plan a Winter Getaway with Your Dog

Many National Parks rent out cabins during the winter months. Why not stay in one with your dog? You can take long walks in the woods, snuggle up next to the fireplace, and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors. You can even try a glamping pod together if you aren’t into staying in a log cabin. A glamping pod is a tiny chalet that is tent sized. It’s perfect for one or two people with a dog! 

Enjoy a Snow Play Date

Dogs are very social. They love playing with other canines who they know so why not schedule a snow play date with a dog ‘friend’. Your pooch will have a blast roughhousing in the snow with a companion. They will burn off some energy together. 

These fun and safe activities are great things to do in winter with your dog. Remember, your canine wants to be with you more than anything so whatever you plan together is going to be a blast! 

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