About Us

Our company was founded in 2018 and has since gained the trust of over 500,000 customers worldwide. Our love for dogs takes center stage in everything we do, reflecting in every aspect of our business.


Our mission is to provide dog enthusiasts like you with access to top-notch products that not only meet the needs of your beloved four-legged companions but also enrich your life as a dog owner. Our range comprises meticulously selected products of the highest quality, aimed at enhancing your dog's quality of life while maximizing your satisfaction as a customer.


We take immense pride in prioritizing customer satisfaction. Every product you find in our store has been carefully chosen with great attention to detail. We uphold rigorous standards to ensure that both you and your dog receive nothing but the best. Our team is dedicated and passionate about selecting and testing our products to meet the high expectations of our customers.


At Doggykingdom, we believe in transparency and integrity. We understand that you value quality and top-notch service, and that's precisely what we offer. But our commitment goes even further. We feel a strong commitment to the community of dog and animal lovers, which is why we regularly donate products to nonprofit organizations dedicated to the well-being of dogs.


In addition to our product donations, we also contribute financially. A portion of every incoming order is donated to nonprofit dog organizations. By choosing our products, you too are contributing to helping dogs in need while enjoying high-quality products for your own furry friend.


Our products are often recommended by veterinarians and professionals. We take great pride in the fact that our dog harness, the Doggykingdom Harness, is endorsed by leading experts such as Anna Dee Fails, DVM, PhD, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy at the renowned Colorado State University. Her words emphasize the outstanding quality and benefits of our dog harness: "The Doggykingdom Harness is preferable to a collar, especially for dogs with neck problems. It's a product designed with the dog's health and comfort in mind." This recognition reinforces our commitment to offering products that not only satisfy your dog but also support you as a dog owner.


Thank you for trusting Doggykingdom and making us a part of your journey as a dog owner. We look forward to continuing to provide you and your furry companion with top-notch products and excellent service.


Welcome to the Doggykingdom family!