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Lifetime Warranty Personalized Doggykingdom® NO PULL Harness

Lifetime Warranty Personalized Doggykingdom® NO PULL Harness

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Every order helps a dog in need
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“The Doggykingdom Harness is preferable to a collar, especially for dogs with neck problems, it’s a product designed with the dog’s health and comfort in mind.”

Anna Dee Fails, DVM, PhD
Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy
Colorado State University

- EASY ON-OFF IN 2 SECONDS: Our Easy-Walk Dog Harness ensures a swift setup, getting your furry friend ready in no time.

- LIFETIME WARRANTY: If your dog manages to tear or break the NO PULL Harness, we'll replace it for FREE. We guarantee the highest quality for your dog. (Download Warranty Certificate)

- PERSONALIZE YOUR DOG HARNESS: Add your dog's name and optional phone number for a personalized touch.

- STOPS PULLING: Teaches your dog to walk beside you, preventing strain and tension in the neck area, which can lead to permanent damage to the spine compared to an incorrect collar.

- COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: The tear-resistant fabric material and non-elastic straps prevent deformation. The soft sponge pad won't harm your pet's skin. Breathable and lightweight, providing a comfortable experience for your dog.

- ADJUSTABLE STRAPS: The neck and chest straps are adjustable, providing comfort without restraint or anxiety for your dog.

- STURDY RELEASE BUCKLE: The durable and anti-breaking side release buckle is convenient and easy to unravel.

- 3M REFLECTIVE STRAPS: Ensure your dog's safety at night.

- STAINLESS STEEL D-RING: Virtually unbreakable.

- 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are committed to delivering high-quality products and the best shopping experiences. If you encounter any issues, simply send us an email, and all problems will be resolved within 24 hours.

- ATTENTION: We print exactly in the format as entered.

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What makes the Doggykingdom Harness so special?

Find out why you should choose Doggykingdom Harness for your dog instead of any other brand.

Recommended by veterinarians
Easy ON/OFF in 2 seconds
Stops pulling
Lifetime Warranty
Costs $$$


Is this Harness recommended by veterinarians?

Yes, the Doggykingdom Harness is recommended by veterinarians. Dr. Anna Dee Fails, Assistant Professor of Veterinary Anatomy at Colorado State University, states: 'The Doggykingdom Harness is preferable to a collar, especially for dogs with neck problems; it's a product designed with the dog’s health and comfort in mind.

How do I choose the right size?

We highly suggest measuring your dog and comparing it to our size chart to get the right fit. If your dog is in between sizes, especially for those with a wide chest or shoulders, go up one size. Conversely, if your dog has a narrow chest or body, go down one size.

How do I put on the Harness?

You must thread the loop inside. Here's a video demonstrating how to put it on: Video Link

How do I wash the Harness?

We highly recommend handwashing the Harness to avoid any damage. Washing it in the sink with mild detergent or dish soap should do the trick and is the best option.

How does the Harness prevent pulling?

Our No-Pull Harness covers the body of dogs, making them feel secure and well-handled, which leads to them pulling less strongly. This is based on the reviews and feedback continuously received from our customers. The design helps your dog learn to 'walk in balance,' naturally reducing pulling while providing you with more control.

Can I order a new name patch?

Yes! You can order a custom label for your Harness here: Custom Label Order Link

Is it waterproof or water-resistant?

Our NO-PULL Harness is water-resistant.

What material is it made of?

It is made of tear-resistant fabric with non-elastic straps and features soft sponge padding for ultimate comfort. The materials used ensure durability without compromising on your pet's comfort. Additionally, the product is breathable and lightweight, providing a pleasant experience for your dog.

Every Purchase helps a dog in need

With each purchase, you help us extend our regular donations of products to various NPO dog organizations. Additionally, we contribute a certain amount per order to support these organizations. Thank you for your valuable support ❤️