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  • Dog Attacks Increase During COVID-19

    With many parts of the world experiencing lockdowns and shelter in place orders, sadly, dog attacks increase during COVID-19. Sure, Fido loves the extra company of having the family home 24/7 but stress levels are high due to virus concerns. Your dog can sense the emotional shift in the household and also starts to feel anxious which might account for the increase in dog bites during COVID-19.


  • Can Dogs Sniff Out COVID-19?

    COVID-19 attacks the lungs and causes considerable damage to the body’s blood vessels, organs, and kidneys. It is believed that the virus does not actually smell but the changes that it spurs within the body make the urine’s odor change. The dog’s olfactory organ can detect subtle changes with amazing accuracy. 
  • Stress During COVID-19 can Impact Your Dog

    Your dog is your kindred spirit and your best friend. When you start to feel anxious, your canine can sense your emotional upheaval and starts to feel stressed too. It is like a domino effect between the two of you and stress during COVID-19 can impact your dog in incredibly significant ways.
  • Obstacles for Service Dogs During COVID-19

    Service animals have historically been embraced by disabled individuals because they help to alleviate ableism by providing freedom. The dog assists the person in navigating through stores and around obstacles. 

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  • Are Dog Parks Safe During COVID-19?

    As much of the world loosens COVID-19 restrictions, your canine friend is probably begging to get outdoors and have some fun but are dog parks safe? You might be surprised to learn that you should undertake some of the same precautions with your pooch as you do yourself to avoid the coronavirus.
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