Why you should adopt a puppy

Why you should adopt a puppy


Why you should adopt a puppy

Each year, countless dogs are being abandoned, and many of them end up in shelters. There can be various reasons why owners abandon their dogs, but perhaps the most glaring reason is the owners having buyer’s remorse. As such, overcrowding in the dog shelter can be a real issue. As such, if you are thinking of getting a new dog or puppy as a pet, it makes absolute sense for you to adopt one from the shelter rather than purchasing one from the puppy mill.

Here are some of the top reasons why adopting a puppy make sense more than getting one from the shop.

1.     Shelter dogs deserve a second chance.

Most of the dogs in the shelter are either abandoned or from parents who simply given up on the dog. They are often perfectly fine dogs that deserve a second shot at finding a family that loves them. By giving them a new home, you can provide them with the hope and love that they deserve.

2.     Reducing the mass production at puppy mills

While it is ok to get a dog from a shop, there is some puppy mill that subjects the dogs to all sorts of treatment just to ensure that each offspring is of a decent quality. This is more obvious when it comes to designer dogs as the puppy mills will want to produce dogs with desirable traits. Also, these puppy mills do subject their female dogs to be constantly impregnated by male dogs, sometimes without giving the female dogs adequate rest. When this is coupled with the mills devoiding the dogs the much-needed social factor, the effects can be damaging on the dogs. Hence, by adopting a puppy, you are discouraging such bad practices.

3.     Cost is lower

The cost of adopting a dog can be cheaper than getting a new dog. This is because when you adopt the dog, chances are they would have done their vaccinations as well as microchipping. Also, the money you pay for getting a new dog is high, whereas most shelters allow you to adopt the dog for free.

4.     Rescue dogs are trained and well taken care of

Most of the time, rescue dogs have been adequately trained, either by their previous owners or by their handlers at the shelter itself. Hence, if you decide to get a shelter dog, you will receive a dog that is already trained. This will help you as you wouldn’t need to spend time trying to train a new dog or cleaning up messes that they constantly make.

Other than the rescue dogs being well trained, they are usually well taken care of by the support staff at the shelter. Hence, your dog will be happy and healthy which will, in turn, bring happiness to your family.

5.     Lowering the pet population

When you decide to adopt a dog than to purchase one from the mills, you are effectively helping to lower down the population of dogs. This is of great help to the shelters too as the excess dogs will usually have to be put down as there are just enough resources to support a limited number of animals in the shelter.

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