What do you need when you bring your dog outdoors

What do you need when you bring your dog outdoors

While it may be a depressing situation now given the case of the COVID19 pandemic affecting the whole world, and as such you are unable to bring your dog outdoors, there are still some activities that you can play with your dog, which has been covered in an earlier article.

But having said that, it is not all dark and gloomy, right? Just imagine of the infinite possibilities once the whole lockdown situation has ben lifted. A tinge of positiveness during these times can do you and your dog a whole lot of good. I mean, nothing is stopping you from planning for sunny days ahead, right?

What do you need when you bring your dog outdoors

But before you are caught unprepared when it comes to bringing your dog outdoors, there are some items that you would want to bring along with you when you finally get the chance to bring your dog out in the sun once again. While not all of them are essential, it will still good to bring a variety of such items to keep each outdoor session as unique as possible.

  1. Water

This is one of the most critical items that you should bring along with you when you do outdoors with your dog. While your dog starts to run in the fields, you should always have a ready supply of water so that she can drink from it when thirsty. Of course, while you should bring along a bottle of water for your dog, we will advise you bring along their water bowl too. But since the whole idea of bringing your dog is not to bring everything and anything out, you could choose to purchase a collapsible dog water bowl! Most of these are portable and easy to use.

  1. Treats

Nothing beats bringing your dog’s favorite treats along too. It can be the perfect time for you to showcase the tricks that you have trained your dog during the lockdown too! But as per our advisory, you should avoid giving the dog too much treats. Try to select healthier dog treats instead!

  1. Toys

Some good toys to bring along could be a frisbee that is safe for dogs so that you can play fetch. Of course, the good old tennis ball does work wonders too! Try to bring something that is easier for the dog to retrieve though, and be aware of your surroundings, just in case you accidentally throw the ball or frisbee onto the traffic.

  1. Towel

This may come as a surprise, but it will always be good if you can bring along a towel for your dog as your she might decide to jump into the nearby water body!

  1. Basic first aid kit

This is actually pretty subjective. I mean, if it is just the regular walks outside, you might not need to have the first aid kit. However, if you are bringing your dog out for a hike, then the basic first kit should be mandatory.

  1. Camera

Make it a point to bring along your camera, or simply just your mobile phone so that you can take shots of these precious memories. Share them on Instagram, and your dog might just be the next dog-influencer!

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