Training Your Dog With Treats

Training Your Dog with Treats

Treats are a way to communicate with your dog and let him know that he has performed the right trick or behavior correctly. Puppies and even older canines learn faster when they are rewarded with tasty food morsels for a job well done. Training your dog with treats is a fast and effective method. 

Training Your Dog with Treats: Your Pet’s Paycheck  

Some pet owners worry that training with treats is a form of bribery and not actual ‘training’  However, treats are a way that you pay your pooch. The treat is not a bribe. Instead, it is a way to make your four-legged buddy eager to work. The bite-sized training treats also prevent boredom and help keep your doggy more focused on the training exercise. It is a win/win situation for everyone involved. 

Luring Fido with a Treat

You might feel a little like a bad guy luring a child with candy when you use a treat for your dog but the mentality behind the action is similar. Your dog is childlike and will quickly become excited at the prospect of getting a yummy treat. You use the method to lure your dog to perform correctly. Hold the treat near Fido’s nose and then move the treat slowly back over his head. Your pooch will stick his nose up in an effort t follow the treat and when his nose goes upwards he sits down. You can then praise your dog because he just mastered the sit command, and the treat was the catalyst. A treat can be handled the same way to teach down, rollover, and come. 

Dog Treats are a Reward

A dog treat is a beloved reward. It is a way to let your furry buddy know that he has done something right for you and you are pleased with his behavior. When providing a treat for a job well-done does not immediately give the morsel. Make sure that the dog knows it is a reward so he will feel encouraged to repeat the action. The treat always reinforces positive behavior.

Small Dog Treats are Best

Yes, when it comes to dog treats size does matter and small doggy bites are the best. You do not want to give your canine a handful of treats. Instead offer a small bite-size tidbit A tiny nibble is all that is needed to spur excitement in your dog and let him know that he has performed well. The kibble that you use should be something special that your dog enjoys so he knows it’s a special occasion.

Giving Your Dog a Treat 

Many dog trainers use boiled or baked liver, cooked chicken, a diced up hot dog, or small chunks of cheese such as string cheese. You can hold the treats in your pocket, hand, or mouth. Some dog trainers keep the chunks in their mouth and then spit out the item when the dog has done well to encourage the dog to watch their face closely during training. However, this is not always necessary. 

Training your dog with treats is a fun way to teach your furry companion. Please contact us to learn more about dog treats and training.

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