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Top Reasons to Adopt a Dog


There are approximately 200 purebred dog types around the world. Many of the designer pooches command high prices. Owning one of the expensive animals has become almost a status symbol. However, do you need to buy a companion animal when you can adopt a dog?  In this article, we will explore the top reasons to adopt a dog. 

Save a Dog’s Life

Around the world, there are more dogs than homes. Sadly, many countries are forced to euthanize unwanted animals. In the United States, 390,000 dogs are euthanized annually, according to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). 

Romania has a huge stray dog problem. World Atlas states that 4.1 million dogs roam the streets. Many of the animal’s face starvation or are regularly culled by the government and local authorities. 

Why not adopt a dog in need to save a life?  Around the world, animal organizations shelter dogs looking for homes and then offer them for adoption.

Adopting Saves Money

A purebred dog can cost thousands, but many animal welfare groups offer dog adoptions for free or low cost. Typically, the cost of adoption also includes the animal’s vaccinations, veterinary exam, and spay or neuter. Many organizations even microchip the animal before sending the pet to its new home. 

You Get a Great and Grateful Pet

Rescue groups and animal shelters offer healthy pets who are just waiting for a loving home. Many of the dogs have been previous pets who were relinquished for various reasons, such as the owner dying, moving, divorcing, or suffering money problems. The dog is already housebroken, obedience trained, and more. 

Join the Fight Against Puppy Mills

The sale of purebred puppies is a lucrative business that causes so-called puppy mills. Puppy mills are huge, factory-like facilities that produce purebred dogs on a large scale without considering the welfare of the dogs or puppies involved.

The females who produce the puppies are often kept in tiny cages and bred every heat cycle for years. They are deprived of human companionship, and when their usefulness ends, they are euthanized. 

Purchasing a cute, purebred puppy from a pet store might seem like an ideal choice, but most of the puppies sold at retail outlets come from puppy mills. The only way to fight puppy mills is to stop buying puppies from less than reputable breeders. Adopting is one small way that you can effectively fight puppy mills. 

One of the biggest reasons to adopt a dog is because they make a wonderful companion. When you feel sad or alone, your dog is always there to put a smile on your face. Think about all the things you can do together, such as going for walks, playing a game of fetch, or spending a relaxing evening at home together.

With a dog at your side, you are never alone. Yes, pets are a huge responsibility, but if you can financially afford to care for the pet (food, shelter, veterinary care) and have the time plus love, then why not adopt a dog? The love a dog gives is truly unconditional. 

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