Puppy Chewing

Tips to Stop Puppy Chewing 

Has your cute little fluffy puppy turned into a chewing piranha? Don’t despair - puppy chewing is normal. Yes, it’s frustrating but with diligence, you can stop puppy chewing.

Is your pup chewing everything in your house? The furry family member has probably targeted furniture, shoes, and other household items with their extra sharp pearly teeth. Luckily, puppies are learning sponges. You can easily teach your young dog to stop chewing.

Tips on How to Overcome Puppy Chewing

Here are a few ways to help stop puppy chewing. 

Watch Your Puppy Closely

Remember, your pup is like a human toddler. You would not turn a toddler loose in your home without first installing child safety locks and putting away inappropriate toys. Puppies are like toddlers. Your pup just wants to play and have fun. You need to watch the young dog to effectively protect them against their own curious nature. Put away all the items that they might chew on such as shoes. 

Contain Your Pup

Do not give a young pup free rein in your home. Instead, confine the dog to one room of the house where you are so you can watch the young animal. If you leave the house to go to the store or work, then you’ll need to contain the dog in a crate or section off a portion of your home using dog gates. Provide your puppy with chew appropriate toys to enjoy in your absence. 

Entertain Your Puppy

Young dogs chew when bored or alone You need to spend time with the young animal. Play and interact in a positive way so the dog forgets about chewing. 

Invest in Chew Toys

Your puppy needs chew toys (especially when teething) so the young dog can indulge in his natural desire to chew. You’ll find a wide assortment of chew toys at online retailers or in brick-and-mortar pet stores. The toys have been tested for safety and are ideal for a young dog. Each one provides hours of enjoyment and saves your home and items from being chewed. 

Avoid Old Shoes or Socks

Dogs are naturally attracted to your scent so they will often chew your shoes or socks. You should never give your dog a pair of old shoes or socks because all you are doing is reinforcing the unruly behavior. Your puppy will not understand the difference between an old pair versus a new pair of shoes. 

Exercise Your Puppy

Let’s face the facts - puppies just want to have fun like children. Take your puppy for a walk, play together, and spend quality time exercising. A bored puppy will often chew but if the young dog is exercised daily then the animal is less likely to become destructive.

What Do You Do If You Catch Your Pup Chewing?

Many pets owners panic when they walk into a room and see their young puppy happily chewing on a pair of their beloved shoes or some other item. Do not punish your pup. Instead, interrupt and divert the dog 's attention to a more appropriate item. Remember, your puppy does not know any better, so you should never punish the animal. Instead, offer ample praise when the dog starts to chew on an appropriate item. 

Puppy chewing is perfectly normal and a stage that the animal goes through. In time, your young dog will grow out of chewing and you will look back on the stage fondly.


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My pup, a Lab mix, is 3 years old and lives with me and my sister, who has Dimentia. My sister babys the dog and lets her sleep on her feet in bed. The dog loves shoes and ate my new Stacys and my house slippers. My sister praised the dog for being a dog and condemned me for reprimanding her. The dog lounges on my leather sofa and recliner and I anticipate her to start eating the sofa or chair! The dog who is spayed, often masturbates by licking her privates into orgasm. I recently married and the wife does not like dogs in the house, especially ones that do not obey and like to jump and get in your face. Recently she noticed her masturbating and reprimanded her for the activity. I informed her that the dog was spayed and possibly at the wrong time in life thus her mother taught her about reproduction and! she is inacting the feat now in pleasure. In most other words, I have a problem!

Johnnie Swanson

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