Tips to Keep Pets Safe on New Years Eve

Tips to Keep Pets Safe on New Years Eve

As we bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new, the excitement of New Year's Eve festivities can sometimes pose risks to our beloved pets. From loud fireworks to celebratory gatherings, the holiday season brings potential hazards for our furry companions.

Keep Your Dog Safe on New Years Eve 

In this blog post, we'll explore essential tips to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets during the New Year's celebrations.

  • Create a Safe Haven: The loud noises associated with New Year's Eve celebrations, particularly fireworks, can be distressing for pets. Create a quiet and secure space within your home where your pets can retreat. This may include a cozy bed, familiar toys, and soft music to drown out external sounds.

  • Microchip and Identification: Ensure your pets have up-to-date identification tags and consider microchipping if you haven't already. The unexpected sounds of fireworks or the doorbell may startle pets, increasing the risk of them bolting. Having proper identification greatly improves the chances of a safe return if your pet becomes lost.

  • Keep Toxic Substances Away: Parties often involve food and drinks that can be harmful to pets. Keep festive treats like chocolate, alcohol, and certain foods out of reach. Remind guests to be cautious with their belongings, as pets may be tempted to explore and ingest items that could be toxic.

  • Firework Precautions: If fireworks are part of your celebration, take precautions to minimize their impact on your pets. Keep pets indoors, close curtains, and play background noise to help drown out the sounds. Consider using calming products, such as pheromone diffusers or calming sprays, to reduce anxiety.

  • Provide Distractions: Offer engaging toys and treats to keep your pets occupied. Puzzle toys filled with treats can be an excellent distraction, providing mental stimulation and redirecting their attention from external disturbances. 

  • Inform Guests: If you're hosting a gathering, inform guests about the presence of pets in your home. Some guests may be unaware of potential hazards or have allergies. Ask them to be mindful of doors and gates to prevent accidental escapes.

  • Regular Exercise: Ensure your pets receive regular exercise earlier in the day to help tire them out. A tired pet is more likely to be relaxed and less affected by the commotion of the evening. Take dogs for an extra-long walk or engage in active play sessions to expend excess energy.

  • Consult with a Veterinarian: If you know your pet is particularly anxious or fearful of loud noises, consult with your veterinarian in advance. They may recommend anxiety-relieving medications or alternative solutions to help keep your pet calm during the festivities.


New Year's Eve is a time of joy and celebration, but it's crucial to be mindful of the potential impact on our furry family members. By taking proactive steps to create a safe environment, minimize stress, and eliminate potential hazards, you can ensure that both you and your pets enjoy a happy and healthy start to the new year. Here's to a safe and joyous New Year's celebration for you and your beloved pets!

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