Champ and Major White House Dogs

The USA’s New ‘First Dogs” Champ and Major

The sound of paws slapping across marble floors is again a part of the White House as the new ‘First Dogs’ Champ and Major join President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Two days ago, the sound of barking could be heard as President Biden signed numerous executive orders overturning the previous administration’s decisions. Many reports noted how pleasurable it was to hear the happy yips.

Champ and Major Come Take Up Residence at the White House 

The office of First Lady Jill Biden posted photos of the two German Shepherds playing on the South Lawn and clearly enjoying their new expansive yard. The tweet read, "Champ and Major have joined us in the White House!" and featured hearts along with cute paw prints. 

The Tradition of Keeping Pets at the White House 

Champ and Major have again breathed life into the long and very much-loved presidential tradition of having pets in the White House which had died during the four-year reign of the former President Trump who had made no secret of the fact that he was not a dog or cat lover. Prior to Trump, pets had resided in the White House since Thomas Jefferson who kept two bear cups and a mockingbird as pets. Throughout the years the beloved pets have become celebrities adored by the public at large. 

Champ and Major Instagram Sensations 

To the delight of Americans and many fans around the world, both Champ and Major have their own Instagram account where White House photographer Adam Shultz plans to share the dog’s life with the public.  As of Monday when the page went  live, it has garnered 900 followers and continues to climb by leaps and bounds as everyone falls in love with the two dogs. 

Champ: Known as Biden Sr 

Champ is the elder of the two dogs at twelve years old. He is often referred to as Biden Sr., a moniker given the pooch by the Biden grandkids.

Major the White House Youngster 

Major was a shelter dog who was adopted by the Biden's in 2018. He is the first rescue dog to ever live in the Whitehouse. 

Typically, Champ is seen resting while Major runs around and plays. Major, the much younger dog, is clearly the most energetic of the two and always into mischief. 

Press Secretary Michael LaRosa told reporters, “Champ is enjoying his new dog bed by the fireplace, and Major loves running around on the South Lawn.” 

Another White House Pet?

It looks like Champ and Major might have to share the fanfare and the White House with a feline cohort soon. First Lady Jill Biden has expressed a desire to adopt a cat into the growing family.  In an interview, she stated, “I love having animals around the house.” 

Exactly when the new furry four-legged addition will move into the majestic residence is unknown at this point but the plans are definitely in the works. Most Americans concur that it feels good to have pets return to the White House.

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This is great, 2 magnificent German Shepherds in the White House. I really love the fact that 1 is a rescue pup. May GOD BLESS and PROTECT my PRESIDENT AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY.

James Gunn

To Champ and Major, greetings from 🇨🇦 and welcome to the White House.
I too am a rescue dog. My name is Spencer and my Mom and Dad adopted me from an organization called Golden Rescue. I am a golden retriever and I’m 6 years old. Mom and Dad were so pleased to see dogs in the White House again, especially since one of you is a rescue dog. Say hi to the President and the First Lady for me.


As a retired canine rescuer in Fresno, Ca, (Animal Rescue Fresno) as founder and volunteer I and all of us witnessed the serious situations of too many dogs and the critical shortage of good homes for them. I bless our President and 1st lady for their marvelous devotion to Champ and Major, as they set a great role model for us all, as so loving, caring and responsible for pets.

Barbara Shortridge-Logan

My Misty would love to play with Major.


My Misty would love to play with Major. She’s also German Shepard 3 yrs old and very loveable.

angela f rasmussen

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