The Pros and Cons of Wet Dog Food for Your Dog 

Your dog needs proper nutrition to thrive. You want to pick nutritious dog food for your pet, but you also want to feed your beloved furry friend food that they enjoy. Most dogs genuinely like wet dog food better than dry. However, is wet food good for your dog? 

Owners often choose dry dog food because it is convenient and more affordable than wet. However, wet dog food has plenty of benefits that might make you want to switch food choices. 

Pros of Feeding Wet Dog Food

There are many reasons to pick wet dog food for your beloved dog:

More Appetizing

Wet dog food carries a great deal of flavor that most pups genuinely enjoy. The moist consistency of the food and the robust flavor is reminiscent of raw meat which is your dog’s natural diet. Most dogs crave wet food, and it is a highly effective choice for a picky eater. 

Healthy Choice

Wet dog food is a healthy food choice because it features higher levels of protein and low carbohydrates. It also has higher levels of fat than dry foods. Research has found that a diet high in carbohydrates leads to obesity so picking a wet food choice can help your dog maintain his weight. 

The high-water content found in wet dog food can help hydrate your pet and is ideal if your dog doesn’t drink enough water. 

Picking the Best Wet Food

You’ll want to compare wet dog foods and weigh the nutritional value of each brand. Ask for your veterinarian's advice on which brand to pick to best fit your pet’s unique dietary needs. 

Read the online reviews to see if other dog owners are happy with the wet food brand. 

Cons of Feeding Wet Dog Food

  • Wet dog food carries a higher price tag than dry varieties. 
  • The moist consistency of the food makes it messier than dry kibble. 
  • Time-consuming to open the can and prepare the food.
  • Can give your dog loose stool. 
  • Has an unpleasant odor which can give your dog bad breath. 
  • Wet food spoils quickly. 
  • If your dog likes to graze the food all day, then the wet food can harden and spoil quickly before being consumed. 
  • Wet foods contain more fat which can lead to bouts of pancreatitis. 
  • A dog’s teeth will develop tartar buildup faster when fed wet foods. 
  • Dog food cans are often lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA) which has been shown to disrupt a dog’s endocrine system after long-term exposure. 

Create Balance by Mixing Wet and Dry Food

You can mix wet and dry dog food together to create balance. Your dog will enjoy the flavor of the moist food, but you’ll also gain the benefits of the dry food.

Mix the two foods together or feed them interchangeably. You can free feed the dry kibble all day and then provide a can of moist food in the morning or evening. Avoid overfeeding the two foods or your dog could start to gain unwanted weight.

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