The benefits of a pet-friendly work environment

The benefits of a pet-friendly work environment


Considering transforming your work place to be pet-friendly? You should just push ahead, since having a pet-friendly work environment will be extremely beneficial to you as well as to the organization.

Here are some of the benefits of a pet-friendly work environment.

Reducing stress

Studies have indicated that bringing dogs to work can actually reduce stress levels. This is understandable, since it is certainly more enjoyable at work when your favourite pet is there. Indeed, it does improve relationships between colleagues too. You can expect a higher morale at work as well.

Increased positivity

Dogs does help to increase positivity as well too. When we interact with dogs, the level of Oxytocin will be increased in both the dog and the human.  Oxytocin is the hormone responsible for reducing stress as well as helping one to relax. As such, your work environment will exuberate positiveness!

Reduced separation anxiety

Dogs that are left alone at home is subject to separation anxiety. When this occurs, you can expect your dog to whine, bark, and destroy things around the house. Hence, when you bring your dog to a pet-friendly work environment, they will not have this issue at all.

In other words, it means the dog will be happier!

Improving employee loyalty and attracting talent

Surprisingly, studies have shown that by having pets in your office, you can actually help to improve the quality of your new recruits as well as increasing the employee retention rate. It is said that a company with a pet-friendly work environment is more likely to have employees who are loyal to them.

Also, the same study revealed that interviewees are starting to enquire more about pet-friendly environment whenever they attend interviews. This shows that there is a demand for work places that allows you to bring your pets to work too.

Healthy lifestyle

You can expect a healthier lifestyle once you bring your pet to the office. By having a pet in the office, it actually encourages you to take smaller break in between, which will obviously have a good effect on your health as compared to staring behind the screen for hours. And small breaks can really help to improve overall productivity too.

Also, since some pets can be active, they can be secretly urging you to be active as well. And that will lead to active employees who are healthier and happier too.


Increase social collaboration

In modern context, people are constantly glued to the screen, typing endlessly on the keyboard and sending emails even to colleagues. But that can change when pets are allowed in the workplace. This means that workers can simply choose to walk over to the other person’s desk for a quick discussion and to play with the pet too. This helps to increase the social factor in the workplace and hence increased chances for communication to happen.


As you can probably see, there are way too many benefits when it comes to having a pet-friendly work environment. With the increase in collaboration to the higher happiness index in your employees, it is really advantageous to have a pet-friendly work environment.

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