Tesla Dog Mode

The Tesla ‘Dog Mode

 Do you travel places with your pet in the auto? During the summer months, leaving your dog in the car can be extremely dangerous. The temperature in your car quickly reaches a staggering 120 degrees Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes once the car’s cooling system is turned off. A canine can die of a heat stroke in 120 degree heat in only 10 to 15 minutes. However, the revolutionary Tesla Dog Mode can prevent such a catastrophe.

What is Tesla’s Dog Mode?

Tesla’s Dog Mode keeps your dog in a climate controlled environment any time you leave the animal unattended in the car. In addition, it automatically lets anyone who passes by the vehicle know that the dog is safe, and the car is in dog mode. 

Tesla's Overheat Prevention Feature 

Tesla does have an overheat prevention feature that when activated stops the interior of the car’s temperature from exceeding a 105 F for 12 hours after you leave the vehicle. Although this feature is nice, it is not Tesla’s dog mode.

Understanding Tesla’s Dog Mode

When in the Tesla Dog Moe, you can adjust the temperature in the cabin. To enable the Dog Mode, all you do is tap the fan icon found on the bottom of the Tesla’s touchscreen once the vehicle is parked. You then press, “keep climate ON to DOG.’  You can then safely leave the car. If you are gone from the vehicle and the car’s battery dips down to less than 20 percent of a charge, then you will receive a notification sent via your mobile app  that lets you know the status so you can return to your auto to ensure the safety of your dog. 

Tesla’s Dog Mode Screen Display

The screen display when the vehicle is in the Tesla Dog Mode displays a message that says,  “My owner will be back soon.”  It then shows the interior temperature of the cabin. This message lets any onlooker know that the dog is perfectly safe, and the cabin temperature of the auto is well within the safety range.

Local Laws Concerning Animals 

Laws differ greatly from place to place when leaving an animal in an unattended vehicle. Even with a car like Tesla which is set in the Tesla Dog Mode, there is no guarantee that your vehicle is within the law. In some locations, it is illegal to leave Fido in the care even if it is a Tesla that you can put in Dog Mode. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the local laws to ensure that it is okay to leave your canine companion unattended . 

Sentry Mode

Some people worry that even if their dog is left in the vehicle with the Tesla set in Dog Mode the animal is still in danger of being dognapped. However, Tesla does offer a sentry mode which is a form of alarm system where the car’s external cameras are activated and will switch to an alarm state if a threat is detected. The car will brighten its center display and start to play music on the car’s audio system. The owner will also receive a notification that the car has entered the alarm state. 

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