Teach Your Dog to Wear Clothes

Tips on How to Get Your Dog to Wear Clothes


If you live in an area that suffers severe winter weather, then you might want to train your dog to wear clothes to help the pooch stay warm. Some people just enjoy dressing Fido up for any occasion. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide array of dog clothing choices. There are even designer dog clothes.

Respect Your Dog's Feelings 

When training your dog to wear clothing, remember that it should always be an enjoyable experience. Your dog should never feel like they are being punished by having to put on clothes. If your dog is acting overly stressed due to the clothes, then you should immediately stop and redirect your dog’s attention away from the dog sweater or jacket. 

Some dogs instantly like clothes but others take time to warm up to the attire. 

 When to Train Your Dog to Wear Clothes? 

Ideally, you should start training your dog to wear clothes as a puppy. Older dogs often balk at the confines of clothing. However, if they have worn clothes since puppyhood then they are more willing to wear the attire throughout their lifetime. 

Teaching Your Dog to Wear Clothing 

Start out by showing your dog the sweater or shirt you want the pooch to wear. Let the dog sniff the item and see that it’s nothing threatening. 

When training your do to wear clothing, always focus on the positive and give plenty of praise letting your furry friend know you are happy. Remember, your dog usually always wants to please you. 

At first, only make your dog wear the clothing for 10 minutes or less. Also, never leave your dog alone when fully dressed or the pup could become tangled up on something. The dog might also chew the clothing item and swallow pieces which could lead to an intestinal blockage or some other health crisis.  

When training a dog to wear clothes, always pick simple items that don’t cover up the head, feet, or back legs. The item should have an open stomach with snaps, Velcro, or buckle attachments on the chest or under the stomach. If the clothing item has attachments on the chest, then you do not have to slip the clothing item over your dog’s head. Dog clothes designed in such a way are far easier to put onto your dog when training the pet to wear clothes. 

Drape the dog sweater over your pet’s back and give plenty of praise for standing still. You can then fasten the attachments under the dog across the belly or chest Give your pup a reward for remaining calm.

Buying Dog Clothes 

Once your dog accepts the clothing item then it’s time to expand the pup’s wardrobe and teach your dog to accept wearing other items. Many dogs find certain materials more acceptable than others. If your dog refuses certain clothing items, you should accept your pup’s taste and respect the animal’s feelings by avoiding making your dog wear the item they do not like. 

Training your dog to wear clothing is a valuable asset when winter arrives. You want your pup to be warm and comfortable during walks or when going outdoors to go potty. A dog sweater or jacket can provide added extra insulation.


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