Keep Pets Safe in the Heat

Keep Pets Safe in the Heat


Who doesn’t enjoy the long, warm days of summer? However, there is a danger to the beautiful season: the increased temperature. It is imperative that you keep pets safe in the heat. In this article, we will explore a list of tips on protecting your pet from the rising mercury so they can enjoy the outdoors and season too.

  1. Learn to Recognize the Symptoms of Heat Stroke

Your pet can quickly start to overheat, especially snub nose breeds like pugs and bulldogs. Young dogs and seniors are very vulnerable to the increasing warmth. Learn to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke such as:

  • Excessive panting
  • Lethargy 
  • Drooling
  • Vomiting
  • Collapse

If you suspect that your dog is experiencing a heat stroke, then you must work to cool the animal down by applying moist towels to the body or submerging the dog in cold water. Offer sips of water to drink or ice chips. Seek immediate medical treatment. 

  1. Provide Your Dog with Extra Water

Fido’s consumption of water will increase with the rising temperature. Make sure your pet has access to water 24 hours a day. You might also want to add some ice cubes to his water to help him further cool off. 

  1. Try to Maintain a Cool Environment

Use fans or an air conditioner to cool off the room where your dog is residing. You’ll want to keep the temperature acceptably cool.

  1. Avoid Outdoor Activities During the Heat of the Day

Typically, the heat is at its worst around 3 pm. Try to avoid outdoor activities when the heat is at its height. Instead, enjoy the outdoors with your pet in the morning or evening hours after the temperature has started to cool down. 

  1. Do Not Leave Your Dog Alone in an Auto

Never leave your dog alone in an auto. The temperature inside of the vehicle can quickly surpass 120 degrees Fahrenheit within minutes on a hot, sunny day. 

  1. Never Walk Your Dog on a Hot Sidewalk or Street

The hard pack surface of a sidewalk or street can quickly become blisteringly hot. The surface will burn the pads of your dog’s feet and cause the animal extreme discomfort.

  1. Watch the Humidity

A dog does not sweat like a human. Instead, the animal pants to release the hot air from the body. When the humidity is too high, panting does not bring any relief to the canine and they are in extreme danger of heat stroke. Remember, the outdoor temperature might not be that high but if the humidity is up then the heat index is far more intense, so your pet is at an increased risk. 

  1. Use a Bandana to Cool the Pet

A refrigerated wet bandana around a dog’s neck or on his head will bring much needed cooling relief. You can even purchase pet ones designed specifically for this purpose. Your dog will probably adore the cooling effects. 

  1. Offer Cold Treats

Consider freezing some chicken broth so they form ice cubes and offering the cooling treat to your dog on a hot day. The tasty treat is sure to please your canine companion.

These are just a few ideas on how to keep pets safe in the heat. 

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