How to Use A Dry Shampoo on a Dog

How to Use Dry Shampoo on a Dog 

Dry shampoo (often called waterless shampoo)  has become immensely popular for use on dogs because it’s easy and convenient. There are a wide assortment of manufacturers offering dry dog shampoos made with natural ingredients that will effectively clean and condition your pup’s coat, so it looks shiny and healthy. 

Why Use a Dog Dry Shampoo?

The use of a dry shampoo is highly effective at deodorizing a smelly pooch by removing the odor particles from the fur. The dog is left smelling fresh and clean. 

With a dry dog shampoo, you don’t have to use water. The specially formulated cleaning product is completely waterless and requires no brushing. It will effectively deodorize the canine by rapidly absorbing excess sebum and removing dirt from the coat. 

Your dog has sebaceous glands that are located by the hair follicles. The oil glands are similar to those found on humans. The glands are typically concentrated on the dog’s paws, back of the neck, base of the tail, and rear end. The glands create an oily substance that produces a pungent aroma and is why many people state that they do not like the ‘doggy’ smell of a canine.’

Canines that Benefit from a Dry Shampoo 

  • Dogs with itchy skin or allergies often benefit from the soothing relief of a dry dog shampoo. Bathing a dog with skin conditions can further irritate the skin and dry it out. However, a dry shampoo will remove the smell without upsetting the skin. 
  • Use a dog dry shampoo for a quick touchup when you don’t have time to bathe Fido. IF you take your dog for a hike and he smells, use a dry shampoo before putting your pup back in the car to head home. 
  • If your dog has recently undergone a surgical procedure and cannot get wet, then use a dry shampoo. 
  • Dogs who hate water also benefit from a dry shampoo if you simply don’t want the hassle of wrestling the pup in the bathtub. 

How to Use a Dog Dry Shampoo? 

Washing your dog with a dry shampoo is fairly straightforward. You’ll want to read the manufacturers suggestions on how to use the formula. Each type of dry shampoo differs and might have its own particular instructions.

Always patch evaluate an area of fur to make sure your dog is not allergic to the shampoo. Apply the formula to a small area and then wait for a couple of days to make sure there is no irritation.

  • Apply the dry shampoo directly onto the dog’s coat. 
  • Rub the shampoo into the dog’s fur. 
  • Work the shampoo carefully around the dog’s face
  • Wait a few minutes to let the shampoo’s active ingredients work to absorb the oil and odor. 
  • Use a towel to remove any dry shampoo
  • Brush your dog’s hair to give it a final shine. 

Although dry shampoo is easy and quick to use, it should not always be the go-to grooming aid. In some situations, your dog will benefit from a classic shampoo and bath to completely clean the animal’s fur. Dry shampoo works well but will not remove all of the dirt or dead skin cells. Also, frequent use of the shampoo product can lead to a buildup in the fur which will leave it looking dull and feeling unpleasant  

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