How to Dog Proof Your Christmas Tree

How to Dog Proof Your Christmas Tree

The holidays have arrived, and the Christmas tree is up. It looks amazing with all the ornaments and lights. However, you might not be the only person dazzled by the holiday tree. Fido is probably looking at it too and he might see it as a ‘toy’.  In this article, we will look at how to dog proof your Christmas tree. 

Use an Artificial Tree

A live evergreen tree actively drops needles which your dog might eat. The sharp needles are difficult to digest and can lead to digestive punctures. Also, you must keep a live tree green by adding water to a reservoir at the base. Your dog might be unable to resist the urge to drink the water. Not only does Fido risk knocking the tree over and getting the presents all wet with his lapping but if you put chemicals in the water to preserve the tree then he might become seriously ill.

Another consideration when picking between a live or artificial tree is that you should consider your dog’s well-honed sense of smell. He knows that you just placed a live tree in the middle of the house and he might mistakenly believe that you put it there for him to use as a tree to ‘mark’ his territory as he does outdoors. 

Ideally, you should abstain from placing a live tree in your home and instead go with an artificial tree to be safe. However, if you must have a live tree then be sure to surround the base of the tree with a cover to block access to the water. 

Stabilize the Tree

A tree can quickly topple to the ground if your dog bumps into it or decides to investigate too closely. You’ll want to make sure that you have a sturdy tree stand to hold the base of your tree. You might also want to consider anchoring the tree to the ceiling or a wall to further hold it in an upright position. 

Fence it In

Your dog probably can’t tell the difference between a toy ball or the glass globes hanging off the holiday tree. This is especially true if he is a young pooch. Ideally, for your canine buddy’s own safety, you should section the tree off either by using fence panels such as a doggy exercise pen around the perimeter of the tree or by placing it in an area of the house that the dog cannot reach. Maybe position the tree in a room that you can section off with a pet gate. 

Use Dog-Safe Xmas Ornaments 

If you can’t keep your dog away from the Xmas tree then try to focus on using only dog safe ornaments. Avoid anything made of glass or that features metal hooks. Plush ornaments are a great option. You can hang them with loops of twine instead of metal hooks. 

Never use the following on a Christmas tree that your dog can reach:

  • Glass
  • Metal hooks
  • Bells
  • Salt dough ornaments
  • Popcorn strings
  • Tinsel
  • ‘Candy canes made from xylitol 
  • Glass holiday lights 

Remember, your dog is a part of your family this holiday season too so always try to focus on creating a safe atmosphere for everyone. Learning how to dog proof your tree is imperative.

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