Feeding Your Dog an All Natural Diet

Health Benefits of Feeding Your Dog Natural Foods 

Yes, dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years but only in the last century have pet owners fed their canines commercially prepared dog foods. However, such foods often lack freshness and fall short when it comes to nutrients. In a quest to prolong your furry friend’s life and improve your buddy’s life, you are probably looking at dietary changes. There are numerous health benefits of feeding your dog natural foods. 

Why Feed Your Dog Natural Foods? 

Common commercial dog foods are highly processed and have truly little nutritional value. Even brands labeled as ‘organic’ often fall short. Sadly, to preserve the food, it must undergo heavy processing and contain preservatives to kill bacteria. Yes, your furry friend can survive on dry or canned foods, but they will not be reaping the benefits of a natural diet. 

The Risk of Natural Foods for Your Dog

Without a doubt, a great deal of science has gone into the preparation of commercially prepared dog foods to ensure that the food is a well-balanced choice. It supplies all the canine’s needed vitamins and minerals. However, if you opt to focus on natural food for your pet then you’ll need to be aware that feeding a great deal of muscle meat and no other items can create a nutritional imbalance. In the wild, a wolf will devour the entire carcass of an animal which includes the meat, tendons, organs, bones, skin, and fur to create a balanced dietary meal. However, in your kitchen, you might have a hard time recreating such a diet. Simply feeding chicken meat to your canine will not provide the necessary fat, minerals, fiber, or vitamins. 

Commercial Raw Pet Food Diets 

However, nowadays there is a wide array of pet food manufacturers that are focused on providing well-balanced raw and natural dog foods for your pet, so you don’t have to worry about tackling the task alone. You can even have the raw foods delivered right to your doorstep. Many pet owners swear by the benefits of a natural pet food diet. Whether you opt to recreate the natural diet yourself by combining a variety of wholesome ingredients or you choose to buy from a raw dog food manufacturer, your canine will reap many health benefits.

Only Real Food

Feeding your dog foods that have been approved for human consumption means that you won’t be offering low-grade food choices. Instead, you’ll be providing a variety of fresh meats and produce that you and your family would dine on to Fido. You don’t have to worry about the foods being overly processed and filled with unknown additives. You always know that you are feeding only real, healthy ingredients so you’ll have peace of mind. 

Healthier Digestion

Commercial dog foods are known to contain high protein to create bulk. Even if the bag claims it has 30 percent protein, it might not be usable and digestible. Please remember, a canine’s system was not designed to consume bulk dry foods which are why Fido often develops gas and smelly poo. Offering highly digestible, fresh foods will give smaller stools and be more easily digested by your dog. 

Improved Skin and Coat

Dogs often suffer from skin issues like rashes, dry fur, and itching. Yes, it could be allergies, but it could also be a result of the huge number of fillers used in dry dog foods. A fresh diet that is all-natural contains essential fatty acids such as omega 3, 6, and 9 which are known to improve the skin and leave your dog’s fur feeling soft and hydrated. 

Your dog is a member of your family so doesn’t the pooch deserve to dine on all healthy ingredients? You’ll be amazed at the health benefits of feeding your dog all-natural foods.

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