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Have a Heart This February:  Give Back to Those in Need

February is well-known as the month that features Valentine's Day. Everyone scrambles to give chocolates and flowers to their loved ones. Since it is such a time of giving, why not consider focusing on animal charities? A portion of every purchase that you make at Doggykingdom goes to help needy animals 

Helping One Donation at a Time 

At Doggykingdom, we regularly donate our canine products to NPO (non-profit)  dog organizations. In addition, everything you buy from us assists us in helping even more. If you want to make a difference in a pet’s life this February then we invite you to partner with us by shopping at our website. 

Also, if you have a dog charity that you feel strongly about then reach out to us via email: Provide us with all the specifics about the NPO we will check out the charity and donate if we can. We are always looking for worthy NPOs to help. 

Paws for Purple Hearts

Recently, we are proud to announce that we donated nail grinders, poop bags, and toys to the Paws for Purple Hearts. We offer these items at no cost to the veterans and the organisation. 

Other Charities Supported by Doggykingdom 

Additional  Charitable Organisations We Help 

Doggykingdom in a Place to Give Back 

The eCommerce merchant Doggykingdom as emerged a global leader in dog supplies. Last year they celebrated their 500,000 sale of dog harnesses. In nearly three years they have built an impressive reputation. Many of their customer base continues to return because the company provides superior customer service and nicely designed canine products.  

Standing Out with Superior Guarantees

All of the harnesses sold on Doggykingdom come with a lifetime warranty which clearly shows the company’s confidence in their products. They are always dedicated towards making sure their customers are 100 percent satisfied with the products. 

Built on the Love of Dogs 

Doggykingdom values their strong customer base. Currently they boast over 155,000 clients which shows considerable growth since their grand opening in 2018. The company is truly a community of dog lovers who all feel passionately about their furry friends. Doggykindom was founded on the love of dogs and they clearly showcase it with the quality of products that they offer to their clients. 

Superior Quality Products 

All of their products are superior quality with money-back guarantees and extensive product warranties.  When you buy from the pet supplier, you can rest assured that you are getting quality and also helping improve the lives of a multitude of pets through their shared donation motto. 

Join the dog loving community of Doggykingdom and help give back by buying items which enable a global network of charitable donations to animal charities in need. Also, if you have an NPO that you feel passionately about then reach out to us to let us know.  Let’s start sharing the love this February!

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