Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

Halloween Safety Tips for Dog Owners

 Halloween is a much-anticipated holiday for children. Little one’s love dressing up to go trick or treating to obtain sweet treats. However, the holiday for ghosts and goblins is an incredibly stressful time for animals. Not only is it scary for your furry friends but it’s also dangerous because many of the holiday’s candies are toxic to dogs. 

Halloween Pet Costume Safety 

Some pet owners invest in Halloween costumes for their furry friend. Most pet stores sell a wide array of pet costumes to celebrate the occasion. You’ll want to make sure whatever costume you purchase fits your pet correctly. It should not be too tight or cause any chafing. Also, whenever your pet wears a costume, you should never leave the animal alone because the apparel could easily become wrapped around the pet’s neck or cause some other problem.

Keep Candy Out of Reach

Yes, most dogs love to beg for tasty morsels of human food, and they especially want to try candy because they see how much enjoyment it gives people. However, beware because most candy is dangerous for pets. Even sugar free candy contains xylitol which has been reported to be fatal to many pets when ingested. If your pet should accidently ingest candy that contains xylitol, then you’ll want to contact your veterinarian immediately. 

Also, do not let your dog have chocolate. Even dark or baking chocolates are toxic to canines. If your pup eats a small amount of milk chocolate then the animal should be okay, but a large amount of chocolate can quickly prove dangerous, especially if the chocolate is baking chocolate. 

If you suspect that your dog has consumed chocolate, then you should contact your veterinarian immediately.

Decoration Safety and Your Pet 

If you decorate for Halloween, then you’ll want to think about pet safety when picking out the decorative items. 

Never use a pumpkin with a candle in the middle. Your dog might become curious and jump up to look at the pumpkin. The dog could quickly get burnt by the candle or knock the pumpkin over which can cause a fire. 

Blowup yard decorations use electricity to function. Many people leave the decoration and extension cords in the yard during the holiday season. A dog can quickly chew on the electrical cord.To protect your dog, try to run the electric wires through a piece of PVC. 

Avoid using fake spider webs which your pet might ingest. The spider webs could lead to intestinal blockage if your dog consumes enough of the webbing.

Keep Pets Indoors

You might be tempted to let the kids take Fido trick or treating on Halloween, but don’t let your pet go. Instead, ensure that your pet stays safe indoors. Your dog can quickly become very confused with the activity, costumes, noise, and crowds. Usually, your pet will feel safer at home then out on the streets during Halloween night. 

Always make sure your dog has on a collar with proper identification attached in case the animal should spook and run off. 

Halloween is a fun human holiday but is probably night safe for your pet.

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