Visit Santa With Your Dog

Fun Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Most dog owners want to think of fun ways to celebrate the holidays with their pets. In this article we will examine a few ways to make memories with your furry friend.

Top Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Your Pets

Below are a few of the top ways to celebrate the holidays with yoru pets. 

Visit Santa

Santa is not just for children!  Many local pet stores and animal shelters host Santa for pets’ events. You can visit Santa with your furry friend and snap a few photos of the festive event. Typically, Santa will have dog biscuits to tempt your dog to smile for the camera. 

Bake Doggy Treats

Everyone knows that when the holidays arrive it’s time to start baking a variety of sweet treats. However, baked goods aren’t just for humans. You’ll find a wide assortment of dog treat recipes and dog food recipe books online. You can bake up dog biscuits and cookies that will tempt even the most finicky pet this holiday season. In fact, if you have friends with pets then you can spend the day baking and give away the delicacies in fun boxes as gifts. 

Go Caroling with Your Furry Friend

Why not take Fido with you when you go caroling this year? You can put a pair of reindeer horns on your pup or dress the dog in a festive holiday sweater to celebrate the occasion. 

Create a Pet Friendly Stocking

This Christmas when you hang your stockings on the mantel why not include one for Fido? You can fill it with tasty dog treats, stuffies, and chews. Your pup is sure to adore the stocking on Christmas morning. You can even visit local pet stores and invest in a stocking designed just for your dog. Have your pet’s name embroidered on the stocking’s surface and use it year after year. 

Look at the Lights Together 

You might be surprised to learn that your dog will enjoy holiday lights just as much as you do. Why not take your pup for a drive around the neighborhood to enjoy the lights together. If your town regularly lights up the downtown then you can take your pet for a walk during the evening to enjoy the colors. 

Brings Presents to the Shelter Pets

The holidays are a lonely time for shelter pets. With most organizations closing down over the holidays for a day or two, the dogs at the shelter often feel lonely. Why not bring them packages such toys, biscuits, treats, or more?  

Create a Holiday Feast

Don’t leave your pet out this holiday season. You’ll want to create their feast from pet friendly foods.  Avoid giving your pup table scraps which can upset their sensitive stomach.

Take Your Dog Holiday Shopping

Head to the local pet store to holiday shop with your dog. You can buy presents for the pets of your friends and family or let your beloved pooch pick out their own toy for the holidays. 

The holidays are better when you share the experience with your beloved furry friends. These are a few of the top ways you can celebreate the holidays with your pets. 

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I love these holiday ideas to use with my dog. My dog is a Schnoodle rescue so I am very appreciative for ideas that I can use to benefit our local humane society. Thanks so much!

Lily Ann Gathings

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