Dog Attacks Increase During COVID-19

Dog Attacks Increase During COVID-19

With many parts of the world experiencing lockdowns and shelter in place orders, sadly, dog attacks increase during COVID-19. Sure, Fido loves the extra company of having the family home 24/7 but stress levels are high due to virus concerns. Your dog can sense the emotional shift in the household and also starts to feel anxious which might account for the increase in dog bites during COVID-19.

Dog Attacks Increase During COVID-19 on Children 

In one metro area in Georgia, authorities saw dog attacks increase during COVID-19 by 50 percent. Children might be at an increased risk of being bit by the family dog because of boredom. If a child cannot play with their friends, then they might turn their attention to the family dog. Maybe the pooch is older or has simply had enough of the child’s play and gives the youngster a nip. Without a doubt, children and other animals appear to be the two main victims of dog bites. 

Animal Adoptions During COVID-19

To alleviate the boredom of staying home all the time, animal shelters are being beset with families looking to adopt dogs. Of course, the added homes for the animals are always welcome but, in many cases, the family might choose the wrong pet for their environment. Maybe the breed or the dog does not get along well with children, lacks training, or requires too much exercise. Bringing a canine into a home that is already brimming in stress is a setup for failure. Someone in the family might get bit by the new dog. 

Lack of Obedience

The newly adopted dogs might lack training. Under normal circumstances, the family would seek group obedience classes or training for the new pet but due to social distancing and many businesses being closed, animal training classes are in short supply in many areas. Without training, the new pooch often lacks the needed manners to make the adjustment into the new home. 

Mail Carriers and Dog Attacks

Dog attacks increase during COVID-19 on mail carriers too! Everyone is turning to mail order giants like Amazon to receive much-needed household supplies because they do not want to leave the house to obtain the items. Mail carriers are working overtime in many areas as they scramble to get the packages delivered on time. This puts them at an increased risk. Currently, there have been 73 dog attacks on mail carriers noted in Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. 

There is much speculation about why mail carriers are being bitten. Many think that dogs are becoming very territorial and protective of their families because of the additional at-home time that they are spending with their human caretakers. The dog naturally wants to defend its family and territory which puts the mailman at risk of a bite. 

Owners should keep their dogs indoors during the time of day that they know the mailman regularly delivers mail and packages to avoid conflict. 

With dog attacks increasing during COVID-19, pet owners should remain vigilant for any changes in the animal’s behavior that might indicate a problem. They should also not leave their child unattended with the family pet.

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Leash laws !!! Why aren’t they enforced ? I’m on house arrest with my husky who loved his runs ( on leash always !) because we were attacked by an off leash huge dog . Afraid to get out of my car with Loki and walk to the house 😩yet she walked her dog tonight never asking if I’m ok , if Lokis ok ! Not sure physically as bits have t healed ! Mentally not at all ! But glad they are so comfortable with life


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