Using a Dog Whistle

Do Dog Whistles Work?

Dog whistles are a training device that makes a high-pitched, ultrasonic whistle sound when blown which is inaudible to human ears, but a dog can easily pick up. Many people call dog whistles "Galton whistles" after Francis Galton who invented the device.

Dog Whistles for Training

Dog whistles are often used in combination with clickers and treats to grab the dog's attention, so they perform the task correctly. The noise is subtle enough that it won't bother the dog but will capture the animal's attention. 

Types of Dog Whistles

Dog whistles are available as physical whistles or digital ones. You can even replicate a dog whistle via a smartphone app. 

It does take time to train your dog with a whistle, but it is a great communication tool that you can use to ensure that your canine performs a specific task or behavior. 

You'll find that many canine events and competitions allow dog whistles for training purposes due to the quiet tone, which does not disturb the human audience. Dog whistles are very common in sheepdog competitions. Many also use dog whistles with hunting and gun dogs.

Do Dog Whistles Work?

Yes, dog whistles work when employed as a part of a training technique. However, please remember that all dogs are different. What works for one might not for another. 

You'll need to train your dog to respond to the whistle by using your voice along with treats. 

Don't' Dog Whistles Hurt Your Dog's Ears?

Many dog owners worry that the high frequency of a dog whistle can damage and hurt their dog's sensitive ears. A dog whistle is the same as blowing an audible human whistle. If you blow the whistle for an extended period, right next to Fido's head, then it might cause discomfort. However, with everyday use, the whistle will not cause pain.

Dog Whistles and Direction

A dog whistle provides direction. It does not cure problems like excessive barking. It's a way to grab Fido's attention if it's wondering, so the dog pays close attention to you. You can combine the dog whistle alert with a tasty treat. In the dog's mind, every time you blow the whistle, and he looks to you, then he receives direction and a treat. Soon, the pup will start to anticipate and look forward to the sound. 

Avoid Overuse

When something functions well, you might start to overuse or abuse it. This is the case with a dog whistle. If your pooch responds well to a dog whistle, then you could start to become dependent on the device, but when overused, the dog starts to become desensitized. In time, your dog might start to ignore the whistle and do precisely what the pet wants to do instead of listening to the command. 

As with all training aids, a dog whistle is a tool that helps capture and hold Fido's attention. When combined with other methods, ample praise, and tasty treats, your training sessions will quickly become a success. 



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