Can dogs get COVID-19

Can dogs get COVID-19

Since the start of 2020, while we all thought that things will be better at the turn of the decade, little did we know of the challenges that is right in front of us. Yes, the main challenge for 2020 has to be the deadly Coronavirus COVID19 which is causing a worldwide pandemic. While the effects back then weren’t felt yet in our shores as China leading the leaderboards of COVID19 infections, the rest of the world crept up pretty fast, and now the States is the leading with more than half a million of confirmed cases.

With so much cases hitting us, the next question we will have for us, as dog owners, is whether dogs can get COVID19 or not. This question is extremely legitimate as COVID19 affects the respiratory system of its host, and there is always the possibility of the virus attacking the dog’s respiratory system. Let us find out more.

Can Dogs Get COVID19

Well, it turns out, dogs can indeed be affected by COVID19. On the 28th of Feb 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared that it has recorded the world’s very first case of a dog that is infected with COVID19. Though WHO did mention that the dog has weak signals of COVID19 infection, it still does show that dogs can indeed be infected with COVID19. Not surprisingly, the dog’s owner has been tested positive for the virus, and doctors are unsure if the dog has infected the owner or is it the other way around. This happened in Hong Kong, and that dog has reportedly passed away in March.

However, recent test did show that the transmission of the virus is purely from human to the dog. A study in China did show that some species of dogs and cats can be susceptible to contracting the COVID19 infection.

So, there you have it. It is very possible for dogs to get COVID19, and it will be important for you to take measure so that you can protect yourself as well as your dog.

How Can I Protect My Dog From COVID19

First of all, based on studies, it is evident that dogs can get COVID19 from their owners. So it will be important for you to protect yourself, as well as the dog, from the virus. Here are some of the measures that you can take.

  1. Restrict contact when you are unwell: This is important as it helps to protect the dog from the virus in case you are infected.
  2. Wash your hands: Always wash your hands for at least 20 seconds before you decide to play with your pet. In extreme cases, you can also consider giving yourself a full wash when you reach home too.
  3. Always sanitize: Make it a point to sanitize your hands whenever you touch something that is in the public domain. Also, you should never touch your face until you have properly washed or sanitized your hands too.

Wrapping things up

Yes, while indeed dogs can be infected with COVID19, the main cause of this does stems from humans. So, it is always on our onus to keep ourselves healthy and clean  so that our dogs will not suffer from our actions.

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Thank you for this information.. i will take heed to this advice .. Plenty of handwashing and sanitizing .. My beagle and I live alone.. But can see even than it is important to follow these measures

john hancock

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