Best Vegetables for Dogs

Best Vegetables for Dogs

Dogs are carnivores, right? This is a misconception. Canines are omnivores. They thrive on a varied diet that not only includes a variety of meats but also plants. Adding the best vegetables for dogs to your pooch’s diet is highly beneficial from a health perspective. Also, you might be surprised to learn that most dogs love veggies!

Not all green foods are ideal for dogs so, in this article, we will explore the best vegetables for dogs. 

Pumpkin Seeds

As the month of October dawns, it’s time to think about pumpkins. Your dog can enjoy fresh pumpkin and even dine on the pumpkin seeds! You can feed them raw or roasted. Many people like to give pumpkin seeds as a special holiday treat. 

Broccoli as a Treat

When you think of dog treats you are probably envisioning a dog biscuit or even a piece of cooked liver. However, broccoli is a great small treat for your pooch. It is high in vitamin C and fiber but contains extremely low levels of fat. However, you should never give your dog too much broccoli because it does contain isothiocyanates which can cause gastric irritation if given in excess. 

Crunchy Carrots

Who doesn’t like a robust crunchy carrot? You might be surprised to learn that Fido also likes carrots. The orange veggies are high in fiber and beta carotene plus they have acceptable levels of vitamin A. Another perk involved in feeding your dog carrots is that the crunchy fibrous veggies help clean your buddy’s teeth naturally of plaque which can lead to gum disease if left unchecked. 

Lots of Green Beans

Feed green beans canned, raw, steamed, or chopped because they are bursting with vitamins and minerals. In addition, green beans have a great deal of fiber and are low in calories. If you pick canned green beans, go with ones that are low in sodium or contain no salt. You can even mix the green beans directly in your dog’s food to create wonderful bite-size treats and add zest to their mundane diet. 

Vitamin Rich Peas

Choose from snow peas, sugar snap peas, English peas, garden peas, or old-fashioned green peas. All are good for your dog. They contain vitamins, proteins, fiber, and minerals. Feed peas either frozen or fresh. You can give canned peas but always pick the no or low sodium varieties. 

Celery to Freshen Doggy Breath

Do you want to naturally freshen your buddy’s breath? Try celery. The green stalks contain ample vitamin A, B, and C plush they make a perfect, crunchy snack that helps clean your pooch’s teeth. Another perk about celery is that many believe a diet rich in the veggie leads to a healthy heart and might help fight cancer. 

Brussel Sprouts

Green bite-size nuggets, Brussel sprouts have ample nutrients and antioxidants. Share the treat with your dog either cooked or raw. One tip is that you might want to avoid giving your dog too many Brussel sprouts because they can lead to unpleasant gas. However, they are a safe choice that most dogs adore. 

Cabbage: Whole or Chopped 

Cabbage is another fun veggie to add to your dog’s diet. Dice up the leaves and add them to the food. You can just give a leaf as an occasional treat or if you own a large dog then toss them a head to tear into. The cabbage head can quickly become not only food but also a fun toy that your dog will enjoy shredding.

The best vegetables for dogs are simple and you can enjoy them right alongside your four-legged friend. Why not spice up your dog’s diet today with nutrient-packed plants?

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Oh gosh, my dog, Henry, LOVES carrots and beans. I think he might be part rabbit. I didn’t know dogs could eat pumpkin seeds though. That’s a new one for me. Henry does love pumpkin. I might have to try the seeds too.

I’m sharing this article with my dog friends. 😊💖🐶


My fur baby Cissy, a Doberman, LOVES her veggies. She gets carrots, green beans, & peas mixed in with her food often. It’s a real treat for her. She also loves baby carrots for a treat.


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