Best Dogs for Families

Best Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

Many families want to add a furry friend to the household. With children you need to pick a family friendly breed that gets along well with everyone. This article will explore the best family friendly breeds. 

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever ranks as the number one breed in the United States. They are friendly and versatile. Many use Labs for hunting but they also make excellent members of the family.

Typically, Labs get along well with humans (especially children) and other dogs. They are active but eager to please. 

Golden Retriever

The medium-sized Golden Retriever is highly intelligent with a mellow personality that most families find appealing. The dog thrives on daily exercise and being a true member of the family. A versatile breed, they are also in the field when hunting upland game and waterfowl. 


Many consider the Beagle a perfect family dog. Its smaller, compact size makes it well-suited to apartment life. It is a cheerful, friendly, and curious breed that has a special affinity for children. One thing to note is that Beagles are very vocal which can be a problem for some. 


The Pug is the perfect family clown. A tough little dog, the pug can easily keep up with active and rambunctious kids. The breed thrives in an apartment or rural farm setting. One thing to note is that pugs are not overly active and can struggle to breathe in hot weather. 


The Collie was made famous as a family dog in the family television show and movies, ‘Lassie.’  The breed is active and adores children. They can be very vocal. Ideally, Collies thrive in suburban or country homes with large yards where they can enjoy a great deal of exercise. 


The Newfoundland is a gentle giant. Highly intelligent and loyal, the breed is known for its special love of children. The Newfoundland is favored as a rescue dog, especially in water rescue. Typically quiet, the breed rarely barks unless necessary. Although a large dog, the Newfoundland does not require a great deal of exercise or space to thrive. 

Brussels Griffon

The Brussels Griffon is not a quite common breed, but the highly intelligent little dog makes an excellent family pet. The little pooch thrives in an apartment but is also always ready to go for a walk or play a game of fetch. 

Many small dogs don’t get along well with children, but Griff’s are the exception as long as the children are gentle and patient. 

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter has been a popular family dog since the 18th century. The dogs are remarkably outgoing and easy to train but they can be high energy. The canines enjoy spending ample time outdoors and frolicking with children. 


Last on our list of the best family dogs is the Bulldog. The gentle breed makes a fantastic companion for children of all ages. The canines thrive in the city or the country. It should be noted that they don’t require very much exercise. In fact, they are typically very laidback. The Bulldog can have difficulty breathing in hot weather. 

The only drawback of welcoming a Bulldog into your family is that they often only live eight to ten years.

When picking a family friendly breed, you’ll want to take into consideration your family’s activity level and lifestyle choices to pick the perfect canine companion. 

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The dog 🐕 information on the top 5 breeds was very interesting. Can there be a piece done on traveling with a service dog. Especially ESA dogs. I suffer from extreme anxiety and my furbaby helps with that, having her with me helps me with my anxiety. Company’s don’t understand the emotional disability this is, you don’t want to leave the safety of your own home. It would be nice to read an article about Service Dogs and how they r excepted in the real world.

Mellissa Richards

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