Picking the Perfect Pup

Behaviors to Look out for in a New Puppy


Choosing a new puppy is never an easy task, especially if you have to pick your new furry friend from a whole litter. In this article we will examine a few behaviors to look out for in a new puppy. If you sit with more than one puppy, you’ll need to compare their personalities to figure out which one best fits your family. At seven weeks, most puppies have already started to develop their own unique traits. 


Behaviors to Look Out When Picking a New Puppy 

Picking a new puppy is never an easy task, especially if you have to pick one out of multiples. All pups are cute with their soft furry, puppy eyes, and wet noses. However, one puppy is sure to truly be the perfect fit. 


Below you’ll find a few behaviors to look out for in a new puppy: 

  • Pick a confident puppy. You don’t pick a pup that acts afraid and is shying away from you. Instead, you want a young dog who will come up to you with confidence. A confident puppy will hold their pup in an erect position and exude positive energy. The young dog will want to readily interact with you and even play.
  • Choose a puppy that shows interest in YOU.  If you get up and walk away from the puppy, does it try to follow you? If so, then this is the pup for you!  Your new dog should want to be around you and always have curiosity about where you are going and what you are doing. 
  • Look for dominance.  Dominance in a puppy is a form of confidence but too much dominance can be a problem. If you roll the pup onto his back, does he readily try to get up?  If you hold the puppy in place, does he eventually submit or does he try to bite you?  When picking the perfect puppy, you should pick a young dog that is confident but not overly dominant. You’ll want to find a happy medium. The pup should not try to bite you. 
  • Does the young pup show an interest in your actions and toys? If so, the puppy is exhibiting trainability which is a trait that you definitely want in a young dog. A pup who is trainable will be easy to housebreak and will become a delightful companion.
  • Does the puppy cower when he hears a loud noise or readily investigate the sound? Ideally, you should pick a puppy that goes forward without hesitation. A pup that is afraid and cowers could become a fear biter later in life. 
  • A puppy that is curious will show great problem-solving skills as he grows. Does the young dog want to play with toys, or does he act fearful of new things?


When picking out a new puppy, remember that no dog is perfect. Minor problems are easily overcome with love, persistence and training. However, if the pup has significant issues, then you might want to pick a different dog from the litter. Sometimes when making a choice about a pup you have to follow your heart. You’ll usually be attracted to the perfect puppy that fits your lifestyle and personality.  

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