5 Rainy Day Dog Walking Essentials

Most dogs do not like the rain, despite the old saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs.”   However, if you live in an area that sustains a great deal of annual rainfall then your pup will have to walk in the stormy weather. If you invest in a few rainy-day dog walking essentials your pup will feel happier going outside in the wet weather conditions and might even enjoy the outing. 

  1. A Waterproof Dog Leash

When your dog’s leash becomes wet it feels cold and slippery. You might have a hard time holding onto the leash and if your dog should suddenly bolt then the wet leash may slip through your fingers. If you invest in a waterproof leash, then you won’t have to worry about holding onto the soggy leash. 

  1. Dog Raincoat 

Keep your dog’s fur dry and avoid the smelly wet dog odor. Also, Fido will thank you for keeping him dry. You can pick from a wide assortment of raincoats made for big and small canines. Try to find a water repellent rain bracket that is lightweight. It should also have a small hole where you can slip the dog’s leash to attach it to the harness or collar.  Most dog raincoats feature plastic around the neck, torso and leg holes to prevent water from penetrating the area. If you live in an area with extreme temperature drops, then you might want to invest in an insulated rain jacket to keep your pup both warm and dry. 

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  1. Rainboots for Dogs

If you regularly walk your dog in the resin, then a pair of rainboots for dogs are a must-have. They will keep your dog’s paws wet when you walk through puddles on pavement. The booties also provide your dog with much-needed traction across slippery surfaces. Dog rainboots will also prevent your pup from tracking mud and other unwanted wet debris into your home or auto. You can slip off the boots before letting your pup into the interior so you don’t have to deal with muddy pawprints, bits of grass and other debris that can collect between a dog’s toes. 

  1. Dog Umbrella

You can purchase a specialized umbrella designed to attach to your dog’s leash and offer rain protection for your pup when walking your dog. The umbrellas come in clear plastic to let the light through and allow your dog to easily see 360 degrees. If you don’t want to invest in a customized dog raincoat then you can always purchase a large umbrella that affords both you and your dog protection from the rain when walking. 

  1. Towels

Never underestimate the importance of packing a towel or two to dry off your dog’s feet and fur after walking in the rain. You can slip the towels into your purse or pack. If you shop online pet supplies, you’ll even find heavily absorbent dog towels that are custom designed to help pull the moisture out of your dog’s coat with ease.

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