Fun ways to exercise your dog

Fun ways to exercise your dog


All of us know the importance of exercising your dog. Unfortunately, most owners make the same fatal mistake that only serves to discourage their furry companion from exercising. That mistake is to regard exercising the dog as a routine. When this happens, it will cause the dog to feel bored from the entire process, and the pooch will eventually dread the whole notion of exercise.

In order for your dog not to feel this way, let us introduce to you some of the fun ways to exercise your dog. Let us make exercising your dog great again!

Explore new routes to run

If you have been diligently trying to get your dog to run with you, it might be good to start exploring new routes when running. This will allow your dog to feel energized and fresh during each run. But having said that, you will need to do some homework to ensure that the route is safe enough for your dog to run. Always keep your dog on a loose leash, yet at the same time allowing you to have control over the dog’s movement. This is because with every new route poses new challenges that might be unknown to you.


If you are adventurous enough, you can always explore hiking with your dog. It can be tiring, but it can be really fun for the dog during each hiking session. Some of the hikes can bring you to a scenic spot peppered with cliffs or even waterfalls, each itself will be a good opportunity to take nice photographs of your dog to post on social media!

Obstacle course

If the runs are getting too boring for your dog, you can add in a tinge of fun by introducing an obstacle course to them. It can be easy to implement, and you can do this in your own yard. Place a few training cones to allow your dog to zigzag their way through. In some sense, a properly constructed obstacle course can help you to train up your dog’s agility too. This will help you to train up your dog’s overall fitness as well as keeping each session fun too.


Bringing your dog to swim is one of the easiest ways of keeping each exercise session fun. There are several ways at which you can do so. You can either bring your dog to the nearby coast for a swim, or you can even purchase those indoor swimming pools for them. Indeed, the indoor swimming pool can be a safe option for your dog.

If you have been bringing your dog for a swim, then you can perhaps add in some other elements into the water sport. What you can do, is to introduce paddle boarding to your dog. It is a safe sport and does bring about a whole lot of fun to your dog too. If you could, attach a GoPro on your dog so that you can record down their expressions during each session.

Wrapping things up

As you can see, there are many ways at which you can bring about fun to your dog when exercising with them. Keep each session varied so that your dog will be constantly interested in each session.

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